Thursday, January 23, 2014

Stellar mornings

My non-negotiables to starting the day off right.

First and foremost: hitting snooze at least 80 times before finally deciding that I should probably go to work before the day ends...

Second: stumbling through a dark and booby-trapped house (Seriously who puts a chair in the MIDDLE of the living room, where there is clearly PLENTY OF SPACE around it?! This jackass apparently) to then trip over a bowl of water and curse loudly at no one in particularly while trying to feed the dog.

Third: Coffee. To be more specific: Fresh ground and brewed in a French press; coffee. There is just something about being terrified awake first thing in the morning as the coffee grinder blares to life and shreds those beans down to a course blend followed by the soft bubbling of hot water and the oh-so-thrilling game of "Can Jess keep from getting a scalding three degree burn as she tries to pour the water into the French Press without spilling any on her hand" (One of Hasbro's lesser known gems)

Fourth: (Though at this point, do we really need anything else after coffee?) The best way to shake those last little bits of sleep haze from your brain? Let an excitable and energetic fur-beast drag you down the stairs and out the door so he can do his "business." (This is even more fun when it's 2 degrees outside and he doesn't actually want to go to the bathroom but isn't ready to come back inside yet either.)

Some day I'll wake up on time and spend 20-30 minutes exercising, doing some Yoga stretches or deep meditation to start my day truly "zen"...yeah who am I kidding, that'll probably never happen.

(I think maybe I will challenge myself as part of one of February's mini monthlies to actually wake up and get up with my alarm though...)

How do ya'll make it through the morning?


  1. - I gave up on the snooze alarm a while back and wait for my husband to coax me out of bed with that fresh cup of coffee - the only reason not to hit him like I would the snooze alarm.

    - I meander downstairs with that cup of coffee wishing so much that it is not a workday, so I pretend to take my time pursuin/surfing the internet, enjoy another cup of coffee with my toast and make small talk with my husband.

    - When my toast it finished, I fuss over the pups who are pleading to lick the knife full of peanut butter. They make it so fun, I finally crack a smile.

    - Now for the tough part, I head back upstairs for a shower and rummaging through the closet to find something to wear...the hardest part of my morning routine.

    - I then head to work...with another cup of coffee for the 40 min commute and I lazily walk in to find the others that have now been there for at least an hour or more before my very late entrance. I call this "semi-retired" !

    Hope you've had a good Saturday Morning. Love this post and will catch up on the rest of your blog today.

  2. Sounds like an awesome morning routine to me! Thanks for commenting!