Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Currently 4

Well, I have been horribly remiss with my blogging these past few weeks. Things have just been so busy around here with work, getting the house in order, my BIRTHDAY! and I haven't even really had time to schedule posts, I really need to get on that. Also, now that we are all done with winter (Yes, I said it, winter is OVER. In fact I refuse to acknowledge any freak storms that might happen in the next week. Today was 83 degrees, bring on the warmth!) so I shouldn't be making up any time for work either. Which means it's time to start preparing for vacations and holidays! I definitely don't have as much travel planned this year as I have in years past, but I am hoping to take some mini trips to anywhere over the next few months.

Now, onto what has been going on this week and this Sunday currently:

Reading: Kristen Britain's "Green Rider" series, it's good. High fantasy, definitely similar to what I usually read. Also reading the Untethered Soul (along the lines of Buddhist traditions, but I'm not sure I like it yet, or at all. I don't like the idea of trying to "get rid of part of myself" as the book suggests with the constantly "on voice" people usually hear in their heads.)
Writing: Homework assignments mostly, unfortunately.
Listening: I have really been in an Alternative Country mood the past few days. I think it's the heat and the sun, so I've been listening to Neko Case a lot. Probably also brought on by Lydia Loveless
(Alternative country for some reason always means double bass. And that's alright by me!)
Thinking: About redecorating the basement, and how I really need to plan out more blog posts. I have so many ideas and haven't really done a thing with them.
Smelling: Beef stew. nuff said.
Wishing: That weekends lasted longer than 48 hours.
Hoping: for the determination to actually go for a run tomorrow. And every day this week. I really need to get back in shape. Especially since summer is coming, and I have so many cute dresses.
Wearing: Shorts and a tshirt and a bandana.
Loving:The Baltimore Farmer's market! This was my second Sunday ever going to this market and it's wonderful! I picked up some mint, lemon balm and lavender as well as a huge pot of other assorted herbs, and a pot of mixed lettuces that I am very much looking forward to eating in the coming weeks. I also got some smoked peach jam and that will be part of my Monday morning breakfast. I am actually looking forward to Monday morning :)
Wanting: My fiance to come visit so that I can show him around the market. He's from here and has never been to the market before. Though Farmer's markets aren't usually his thing, but I think he'd enjoy this one. Especially once I take him by the fresh donut man. Yeah...mmmm
Needing: A stud finder. Need to hang curtains and some bars to hang my pans from.
Feeling:  Quite accomplished, yes it was a short week but I got quite a bit done. That's what happens when you have to wake up at 6am on Saturday AND Sunday. Soooo much time. I still want longer weekends. :D

I so love participating in Sidda Thornton's Sunday Currently posts. I really need to make sure I keep up with them each week!