Sunday, January 12, 2014

My week #1

Hey all!

So I've actually been using a planner for awhile now. This style of planner in particular. It's spiral bound, not the typical "binder" type that most other #Plannerds use...but it is a set up that has been working quite well for me over the last few months.

Plus it's all contained within a folio type folder that enables me to carry around extra papers and stickers, etc. when I need to. Which keeps me organized, so I like that.

I actually did get a nice Saffiano Filofax for Christmas, but I haven't switched over yet because I'm kind of hesitant to leave my current system behind. However I really wanted to start taking part in Paperlovestory's most excellent weekly look at people's planner pagers.

So here's a peek at my week so far for 13-19 January 2014.

I'm trying out a new color coding system this week as well;

Yellow - Personal (including shopping trips)
Black - Meal planning (all the other colors had been used at this point, and it was easier for me to read/see)
Dark Purple - Writing class (that starts on Tuesday)
Light Purple - Blog posts (I might change this color...we'll see)
Red - Programming class
Light blue - Gym!
Pink - anything work related
and Green - payday reminder

Anyone else out there on the spiral-bound train?

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  1. Hi Jessica, We'd love to have your blog listed on; it's free to be listed - :-)