Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Meditation #3: What's standing in your way?

What would you do if there was nothing standing in your way? Nothing holding you back?

Why is it that sometimes when we have dreams, big plans for life, we never actually take the proper steps to follow through on them? Why do these dreams stay dreams, hidden in the secret places of our hearts? Perhaps written hopefully in a journal, to serve as a constant reminder of what might be, the could be of that dream life.

There are a number of excuses that we tell ourselves day in and day out that make us believe that these dreams are unattainable; that they're too grand, to "out there" or just impractical. Unfortunately, that's sometimes true (like my childhood dream of being a wizard...though I guess if some girls can become mermaids...) But for the most part, many of these dreams ARE achievable, it's just a matter of shifting your thinking, of looking past the obstacles standing in your way.

But what if there were no obstacles? What if there was nothing blocking your path to that dream life?

Would you be doing things differently?

Would you wake up earlier? Start your mornings off with yoga, thoughtful meditation and a cup of tea instead of a hulk-sized mug of coffee and a frantic rush out the door? Would you make time for art and creativity and allow yourself to feel whole and fulfilled, knowing that you're spending each day doing a little something to reach that dream, to make it real?

Thanks to the Internet, there's almost no excuse to keep those dreams hidden. And if you fail? That's okay too. We need to start embracing failure just as much as success. Failure is just another chance to learn and grow, and still a step towards that dream. At least you're trying.

True failure is not even making that first move.

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