Monday, March 10, 2014

March Mini Monthly Milestones

Prague, 2011
The image above is where I spent my spring three years ago. Traveling Europe has always been a dream of mine, kind of ongoing since I've already been to 5 European countries in less than 3 years...Yet, I've been daydreaming about Prague a lot lately, I wish I could add it to my travel itinerary for this year as well. Maybe...or maybe I'll just keep dreaming.

Until then I'll just focus on some more immediate dreams and milestones that I would like to reach. At the beginning of the year I set out to accomplish a number of different goals or milestones each month. January I wanted to write more, and I did. Though I didn't keep up with it as much in Feb. However, in February I wanted to work on loving myself more and while that is going to be a very long work in progress, I think I've come a long way in just over a month. I still have my moments, as so many of us do I'm sure. But it ain't nothin' a kick ass song like this one can't fix. (Ok seriously, that song is just the bees knees. And can we resurrect that phrase? I love it.)

So my March milestones are as follows:

1. Keep working on developing a solid morning and evening routine. I have been in desperate need for some routine in my life for quite awhile. I can't keep falling out of bed an hour and a half (*cough*2 hours*cough*) after my alarm goes off just to have barely enough time to brush my teeth, put on semi-decent clothing, feed and walk the dog and then rush off to work. That is seriously what my mornings consist of most days ya'll and it's just...well it's a giant pain in the rear! So...yeah time to work on that.

2. This month I am going to be working on blog and web design more. I have a couple of ideas for how I would like this blog to look and sure, I could work with a professional designer (and I just might at that in the future) but I would really like to try and figure some things out for myself as well, if I can. So that'll be fun.

On a side note, I realized yesterday that I had completely forgotten to update my Bloglovin button when I changed my name around after I first started blogging. (I went through a brainstorming process before landing on "Spotted Sunshine.") It's probably not a huge deal now since I'm so new and have like... 2 followers (I love you guys be tee dubs!) But I imagine it's probably confused and turned off some other would be yeah I am pretty sure/hope that's fixed now.

Also...I need to take more pictures. Because, I've heard, that pictures are good or something. 

3. I'm moving to a new place this Friday. YAY! so my third milestone is to pack, clean, unpack, clean and start DECORATING! I am beyond excited for the new place. It's just...I could gush. I will gush, in another post. It's amazing and I love it. Check out this post for some pictures!

4. More self-love and positivity. With the move and everything else that life throws around, I have been having quite a stress-filled and anxiety riddled time of it lately. So this month, I am going to work on just trying to be positive and calm as much as possible. Especially since next month is my birthday and I want to start the big 2-7 off right! Know what I mean? 

5. Exercise, Exercise, Exercise. (It's emboldened, italicized AND underlined, so you know I'm for serious) One of my fitness goals last year was to be able to dead-lift 300lbs by my 27th birthday. That is NOT going to happen unless I get bitten by a radio active spider in the near future unfortunately. So I plan to start working out a lot more this month. I don't plan on overdoing it (which is I think what burned me out before) but I definitely need to step it up. Plus I have a wedding and a super hunky fiance to prep for. Plus he's all Drill Sergeant, running all the time badass. And I'm just over here like "Man I could eat another Papa John's family sized cookie." womp womp womp. Time for this cookie monster to get back to the gym!!

That about wraps it up for March's goals. What about you guys? Got any milestones you're hoping to achieve this month/year/lifetime?

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