Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Currently 3

Well, this is my third edition of the Sunday Currently and I still enjoy the prompt. It really helps to kind of stop and take a moment to think about not just what has been going on throughout the day and week but also to reconnect with what I'm actually working on. You know, rather than going through the motions of just doing things, it's nice to be present with each item. Plus I love lists.

This weekend has been really busy, I decided to make a trip out to Ikea yesterday and note to self: Don't go to Ikea alone or with a small hatchback. Getting things into the car is hell. Getting things out of the car and into the house is hell. And according to Buzzfeed, and it really is true, putting Ikea furniture together is Satan's favorite hobby. Truly. I always jack something up when trying to put that damn cheap and still so addictive furniture together. When it's just a bookshelf or 4 piece table, no problem, I can usually work around the slightly wobbly shelves. But when it comes to the really nice kitchen cart I was actually looking forward to using...not so much. Think anyone will notice if I just glue it together? Also, going to Ikea in a dress, totally fine if you're just picking up a couple of plants, maybe some pots or prints. A dresser and a kitchen cart? Wear pants. Wear pants and bring a friend. Silver lining? I didn't regret the $1 frozen yogurt.

Today was great too. I went to my first bridal show in Baltimore and I LOVE free samples! Also, I think if bakeries are going to provide free tastings they should also give out gym coupons. Just saying. I'm still not sure on ANY of the particulars of the wedding yet, but I loved all of the venues and Rouge Catering's bacon sticks and s'mores on a stick? DELISH! 

Well, I guess it's time to get to the point of this post, without further ado here's what's going on currently:

Reading: I took a trip to the bookstore yesterday and picked up Sadie Jones' "The Uninvited Guests" and Helene Wecker's "The Golem and the Jinni." I started reading the Uninvited Guests last night, it's interesting. Very post-Victorian. I'm not sure if I like it yet, it's almost like the author is trying to hard to be one of the Bronte sisters, but the premise sounds intriguing. I love dinner party mysteries.
Writing: conference post responses for my non-profit marketing and design classes
Listening: I've got the Gilmore Girls on in the background.
Thinking: about all of the things I need to do to get the house in order.
Smelling: nothing at the moment
Wishing: still wishing for magical unpacking fairies.
Hoping: I have a couple of business ventures that I'm hoping come to fruition before the end of 2014, I don't want to jinx anything by sharing it too soon, but hopefully they will be shared on the blog in the coming months.
Wearing: t-shirt, jean capris, and my favorite comfy red cardigan. And my engagement ring that has been successfully resized and cleaned and looks perfect. As well as the "mod square" pink polish by Essie.
Loving: Free cake samples and bottomless mimosas!
Wanting: a new camera.
Needing: A bigger closet, or less clothes. Probably a bigger closet.
Feeling:  A blend of accomplished and overwhelmed. It's a weird feeling. I've gotten a lot done this week, but I still have so much to do! I need a personal assistant just to get through the day to day.



  1. Tell me about it, we all wish to have that unpacking fairies.

  2. when we went to our wedding cake tasting, Jon's mother - who came with us - tried to get us to "consider other options" because she liked the idea of driving around to different bakeries and sampling all of their options :)