Thursday, March 13, 2014

More blogging ideas

As many of you reading this blog can probably tell, I am by no means a blogging expert. In fact I've been blogging for a whole month and a half (consistently) at this point. So who am I to give out blog prompt advice?

Well, I'm just a girl who has always loved blogging. Since the very beginning I have loved reading what other people have to say about their lives, their interests, their passions, careers, homes, what have you. And I know that sometimes it can be a little bit difficult to constantly come up with unique and interesting posts that people might actually WANT to read. I know it's sure as hell hard for me!! And I've got the benefit of tapping into years of other people's experiences with blogging to help. Heh.

One thing that has really helped me this past month to be consistent with my blogging is something that almost every successful blogger uses and expounds at great length. Scheduled posts. Though what does that really mean to us newbie bloggers? I mean at first I thought, ok so they just go through a calendar and write a blog idea for each day? And then as I researched it more I realized that many bloggers pick a day or even a couple of days and plan out their upcoming posts. This is actually pretty easy to do if you have weekly themes to your posts like "Friday Favorites, Meditation Mondays, Tasty (or Travel Tuesdays)," so on and so forth. You kind of get into the habit of thinking about and specifically writing for these daily prompts.

But what if you don't have recurring themes like that? Or if you don't WANT to have a set theme for each day because maybe it will pigeon hole you into ALWAYS having to write the same kinds of posts every week, which can get a bit boring and redundant. Well, I have some posting ideas that might help. If you're interested in travel, you should take a look at my list of 13 Travel Writing prompts to start. And if you don't have a specific interest but are just a renaissance gal or guy, here is a list of 14 Random prompts for ya:

Are You Creative?

1. Write a post about sketching, provide prompts and ideas and sketching know-how
2. How to paint with <insert chosen medium here> 
3. List out some journal, collage, drawing or writing prompts. (Like this post! :D )
4. (Into decorating?) Providing a step-by-step guide for decorating any space


1. Write a how to on sewing your favorite item (skirt, pajama pants, bags, etc)
2. Write and/or show the process in creating a decorative item for your favorite holiday
3. Handy with re-purposing Ikea furniture? Tell us how!

Interested in Psychology?

1. Write about tips for dealing with anxiety (I know I'd read it!)
2. Time management tips and tricks for the chronic procrastinator!
3. Tips for better communication with your spouse or significant other

Talented Chef?

1. What are your top five easy-peasy, favorite recipes?
2. Meal planning for dummies (for reals yo, I still don't get it...)
3. Try a new recipe a day, or week or month!
4. Top ten kitchen must-haves!

Of course, you don't have to use these exact ideas, but maybe they will spark a creative fire in you and help to break through that blogging block if you find yourself stuck and in need of a good blog post! Happy Blogging!


  1. I might do the post about anxiety. That is a good idea!

  2. A wrap-around deck + a cup of warm tea?! That sounds right up my alley right now.